blakely bering began her professional art career in 1998 after graduating from carnegie mellon university. she worked for several years in opera design and television production. having studied large scale design and painting it was a very natural transition for ms. bering to take on the role of artist. blakely’s work on canvas tends to reflect her theatrical sense and her ability to create work that remains powerful from thirty feet away. her emotional abstractions are playful, serious, and unassuming. she has been noted as a colorist for her intricate rich layers of oil on canvas and panel. blakely has produced fine art for national and international collections. her attitude for art and life has lead her down a wonderful path, selling over 5000 pieces since 1998. she believes it is important for the work to go out into the world and speak for itself in the years to come. blakely primarily uses oil on panel and makes her own paint using various oils, chemicals, powdered pigments and crushed metals to achieve her frozen movement. she also uses the texas sun as a catalyst for the process. blakely takes most of her inspiration from geological formations and arial views of the ocean. blakely believes that original art is one of the bloodlines of life, her artistically minded family gave her the gift of believing in herself and that she could accomplish anything she set her mind to. she was determined to bring her inner spirit to life through her paintings, some several years later her dreams became a reality and her career as an artist has bloomed. blakely lives in houston with her two children and fiancé.

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